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Julian On The RadioB96 - Morning Show Host

“Dr. Saguil is like the MOM I never had! She genuinely cares about me and more importantly my TEETH! There's a reason why I drive from the city to the burbs to see her.....she is the BEST. I would drive an hour to see her if I had to. Why? Because she cares that much about my teeth and well being. Completely honest and I feel like her son everytime I come see her. You need to visit Dental Radiance in Schaumburg! Try it once and trust me you'll be a loyal customer for life.”

Jaime Llenares

“I have always had extreme anxiety about visiting the dentist, I found that Dr. Saguil made it much easier for me and my daughter to return for regular care. She's definitely the #1 Dentist for me!”

Chef Ron Bilaro - Life Pinoy Style

“I have been going to Dra Tina Saguil for seven years now. I give her my PPP approval- Professional, Perfectionist and personalized. From the moment you walk into her clinic, you are greeted by her friendly staff, take you to the treatment room and they don't make you wait. They attend to you.  Her clinic is clean, beautiful and sanitized; something that is very important esp when your business is all about hygiene. I am happy with Dr. Tina Saguil and would recommend it to anyone who's looking to have a long and good professional relationship with his/her dentist.”

Marion Aldana - Office Manager

"I chose Dental Radiance due to their convenient location in Schaumburg. As an office manager of a private practice, I was impressed with Dr. Saguil who was always on time for all of my appointments. She was thorough with her examinations and gentle with procedures. Her staff was very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend her practice to family, friends and those with dental needs.”

Pamela Santiago - Physical Therapist

“I had a good experience in Dr. Saguil's clinic during my visit. The staff was very friendly and attentive to my needs. I was relaxed and confident that Dr. Saguil will give me a radiant smile:) The procedure I had was painless and was done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Dental Radiance clinic.”

Eiffel Yap

“Dr. Saguil has been my dentist for a decade now and she is the only person I trust with my teeth and now my family's as well. She is honest, explains everything she is doing, and is kind. My 3 year old daughter went to her for her first dental visit and she did a great job with her! I highly recommend!”


“..beautiful dentist, these people doing great job, l lovet!”

Dr. Aimee Harris-Newman

I was referred to Dr. Christine Saguil at Dental Radiance by a colleague so I trusted that I'd receive great care and I was right!  If I can go so far as to say that a trip to the dentist was great, it was.  Dr. Saguil did a very thorough exam, comprehensive x-rays with state of the art equipment and personally cleaned my teeth, rather than having her dental hygienist do it.  I came back a week a later to have three old cavities refilled and the experience was equally pleasant.  And my teeth look great.  I highly recommend Dr. Saguil at Dental Radiance in Hoffman Estates.  I' have since referred my friends and family there as well.

Clifford Gidimadjor

Dr. Christine and Anel have been my first Dentist and still is. This is almost seven years now. My family and I has never had any problem, being it billing, the actual services performed, through customer service. It is almost like an extended family for me and my family. They have time for you and very receptive. I very strongly recommend them to anyone. Cliff & Dosia.

Nicholas Bolin

My whole family goes, the staff is so friendly, and even though i have terrible teeth and avoid the dentist, they're very good to me and make the experience better. I'm getting better thanks to a great dentist.

Orlando Somar

Awesome great the best dentist and team staff....merry Christmas and happy new year to all...god bless.

Nasir Qureshi

Christine is one of the best dentist in the area.

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